Ads That Pay for Conservation

While wildlife populations are declining under our eyes, we keep seeing adverts featuring the images of endangered species everyday. In fact, about 20% of all advertisements we see use animal images. This would have been highly predictable, and perhaps to some extend inevitable, since animals make up a fundamental part of our culture.

A new initiative, called the Lion’s Share1, recently emerged encouraging brands and organisations using images of animals in their marketing to donate 0.5% of their media spent to conservation causes. This initiative is sponsored by the United Nations not only for its potential to restore habitats and wildlife populations, but also for its conceivable contribution to human well-being through the promotion of community development goals.

The Lion’s Share initiative aims to:

  • Create a world where nature is protected and flourishes
  • Sustainably improve the planet’s biodiversity and the welfare of all animals
  • Contribute to human well-being
  • Support local communities, researchers, conservationists, and other wildlife partners

How the Lion’s Share works in a diagram. Figure credits:

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